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Jesus is Lord

In Humbleness we Start, In Faith we Finish


No Fear Only Faith

Fear is the maker of all sickness, death, poverty and the destroyer of family's .....satan's number one tool ...Fear.

 Faith is the maker of all heath, life, prosperity and is the building block and constructer for  people and family's to over come all problems  thru JESUS Christ

  We at ZeroClock ministries want you to know........

We are not here to get something from you we want to get something to you.

We want to get you blessed thru the Lord JESUS Christ by the true and living GOD of the Bible.

We here at ZeroClock ministries have been blessed from rags to riches in all things....... When you become blessed thru us we are also blessed......The real Win Win deal.

We have put the Gospel of Jesus Christ to work....Let us show you how to put the Gospel to work for you and your family.

Be blessed or cursed easy choice right?


The Key to Faith

 Faith in GOD/JESUS makes all things possible.

This world as we see and know it, is a fear based system.

Think about this for a second.....

Doors that are locked/protected only someone that has a 🔑 is given access.....plain and simple.

Faith in the true and living GOD of the Bible and a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST takes us out of the fear based world system and gives us the 🔑 to overcome thru Faith and allows us to......

"Specialize In The Impossible"

Key's to unlock two major doors are...



Giving thanks to the Father,who has enabled us to be partakers in the inheritance of the saints.


And He has delivered us from the power of darkness and has given us the kingdom of His dear Son.

Philippians 4:19

My/Our GOD shall supply ALL/My/Your needs according to his riches by Christ Jesus.

These two scriptures with a life dependent on Jesus Christ will/can remove the fear based system from our life and gives us the Kingdom of GOD on this earth


Where do you start you ask? Ok let's do this.

Have you ever used a master key🔑?

One key opens all locks keyed the same.

But if a person does not know where the key is doors remain locked correct?

Now even myself.... maybe you also may say"No key 🔑 I  will break the doors down"

Nope the door remains locked and damage  has been done. I have broke down doors it always made thing's worse.

The master key to open the doors to a healthy body and mind.........

Happiness, Success, Peace, Joy, Real Love, Forgiveness, Life Style and or Addictions, Abused, Family Problems, Money. Whatever it is..... doesn't matter because you hold the master key..

Would you like to have a master key? Yes?

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the master key .....plain and simple .....let's make you a key right now.

Just say......

Use your own words just be you when you come to the master key maker.

JESUS come into my life help me.

 I want to know you make yourself real to me.

Boom it is that simple .....you are now born again and you hold the master key to your life.

Get your self a amplified translation Bible read it a few minutes everyday ask for understanding and wisdom concerning what your reading, it will come...... the  understanding and wisdom.

I guarantee it.

ZeroClock ministries will supply you with a amplified Bible free of charge.

Use the email message link below to request one.

Romans 10:9


If you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and shall believe in your heart  that GOD has/did raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 

  Walk in love and Faith.

The blessing of Abraham is avaliable to everyone.

Let ZeroClock ministries help you begin the process.

Email us...... 

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